31 Aug 2011

Türkiye 2011

As-Salamu Alaikom wa Rahmat'Allah wa Barakatahu.
As you might know from my Twitter, I've been to Turkey for 3 weeks, and it was one of the most AMAAAAAAAAAAZING holidays, alhamdu'lillah.
We've been 1 1/2 week in Alanya, 4 days in Mahmutlar and 1 week in Antalya. Masha'Allah, how I love this country and the language. The weather was extremely hot, about 40 degrees, and the Bazaar's were fantastic!
I wish I could go back as soon as possible, but until then everything that remains are the photos I took and memoirs. 
Unfortunately, the quality of the photos isn't very well. I don't know why, because on my camera they're fine.. Hope you still like them.



Last but not least, the fantabulous "water show" in Antalya! I filmed it a bit, but unfortunately it isn't as beautiful as in real. Words can't describe how great it was! The streets were filled with people, and the amazing thing was that this show took place on our last day. A wonderful memoir, and I hope you guys like it as well. Relax, and enjoy the water show, LOL!


Have you ever been to Turkey? If yes, where abouts have you been? Please share, and tell us how you liked it, insha'Allah. 

As-Salamu Alaikom!


  1. Salam mashAllah, keep up the good work, visit and follow comment on my blog if you like, read the story about' the boy and the fish'
    like the pictures of the Masjid

  2. I've gone to Turkey. It was one of the best vacations. It's such a historical country which has everything. The mosques there are amazing. I also visited Abant; it's one of the outskirts there. It has a lake and the weather their is amazing.
    Thank you for the wonderful pictures and words.