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8 Apr 2011

Maxi Skirt (mixed with Blue)

Maxi Skirt mixed with Blue

I'm so sorry for not having posted anything for the last time, but I was so busy with my exams and I really had no time at all! So, hopefully, you guys had a great time, alhamdu'lillah! :-)

Today I'd like to show you the 'Maxi Skirt' or better to say 'Long Skirt'! You can get these skirts everyhwere, even H&M now offers some of them.
They are comfortable and hide your shape and it is not necassary to wear like long shirts or so.
There are so many colours, but I prefer grey, brown and black (sometimes also dark blue) because with this colours you can wear almost everything!
On the photo you can see a blue blouse that I have matched with a blue cardigan, if it is a bit colder, and a dark blue scarf, which you can use as the Hijab.

This style is very simple and you can use accesorieses to brighten up the look a bit.
Personally, I think this is a spring outfit, more than a winter outfit, but you can also wear it in winter and just put on a leggings underneath the skirt to keep your legs warm.

I hope you like the style :-)
Insha'Allah until next time. Please follow and comment ^^

Assalamu Alaikom wa Rahmatullah wa Barakatahu!

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