21 May 2011

Bridal Wedding Hijab

One of the challenges Hijabi brides have to face when putting together their outfit is to make sure the Hijab matches the rest of the bridal dress!

Assalamu Alaikom wa Rahmat'Allah wa Barakatahu, girls :o)
Today, I wanna show you a tutorial on how to wear the Hijab at your big day - your wedding! Actually, there are many Bridal Hijab Tutorials on YouTube, but I don't like the way they put so many cloth on their head. But still it's up to themselves. If they like it, then it's good :)

Here's a Bridal Hijab Tutorial made by alz786uk! That was the best Hijab Tutorial that I found on YouTube. Check out her other videos, she does great Hijab Tutorials:

Snow White Bridal Wedding Hijab Tutorial

Personally, I prefer if the Hijab looks "modest" so to say and so I searched for some photos in the Internet, and see what I've found:

Masha'Allah, I think she looks beautiful! Her Hijab, or better to say the whole outfit, is modest and not that rigged. This outfit was designed by Vela Scarves, a great website where you can buy several Hijabs. 
"Vela is a company that is proud to provide Muslim women unique and beautiful hijabs and very soon modest and fashionable clothing. Our goal is to strive to give you something unique that makes a statement about who you are while still adhering to Islamic teachings of hijab and modesty. We know that many women want their hijab and clothes to say something about who they are. Here at Vela we believe that everyone can stand out and have their own unique beautiful style while still being modest. We hope you will love our products!" 

They design the Bridal Hijabs and help you to match it with your outfit. As their location is in the USA, I don't know if it also works out when you're actually in the UK or somewhere else. Just try it out, and send them an e-mail, and therefore check THIS out.
Their prices are from 50$ or higher, depends on how many wishes you have.

Hope I could help you girls with this post. Share us, how you wore your Hijab on this special day, insha'Allah. 

Allah Hafiz, and Salam Alaikom! 

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