22 Apr 2011

Summer Hijab Tutorial: No Pins, No Underscarf!

Assalamu Alaikom wa Rahmatullah wa Barakathu, girls :o)

First of all, Jummah mubarak! May Allah (swt) accept your dua's and prayers. :o)

As summer is coming and tmeperatures are rising, I want to show you a great "Summer Hijab Tutorial" by our sister, Amenakin, who does Hijab tutorials on YouTube.
Please check out her website :o)

Summer Hijab Tutorial: No Pins, No Underscarf!

This Hijab Style is pretty easy and very comfortable. Just try it out! I love the fact, that you don't need any pins or an underscarf! Alhamdu'lillah, a huge 'thank you' to our lovely sister, :o)
Furthermore, the style isn't very fancy or extravagant, so you can wear almost everything with it. Personally, I would wear a maxi skirt, a shirt and a jeans jacket with it.

Feel free and leave comments on how you like the style and what 'experiences you made with trying out this style, lol! ^^

Allah Hafiz and Salam Alaikom!


  1. I like Amenakin!
    i watch all her Video's..
    Thank's for sharing :)



  2. Wow thanks really helpful! :D

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