27 Feb 2011

Easy Hijab Tutorial by YazTheSpaz89

As Salamu Alaykum!

I found a pretty and easy Hijab tutorial on YouTube!
It's really easy to do, and you only need some minutes for it! :-)

This tutorial was made by YazTheSpaz89! She does wonderful and pretty easy tutorials!
For this style you do not need a special scarf! You can do it with almost every scarf you have, I think! Doesn't matter if it's one-coloured or if it has a pattern.
You may add a flower or a brooch..

And with this style you can wear almost everything! You can wear a long skirt with a shirt, like on this photo:

Or wear jeans and shirt.. and that's why I absolutely adore this hijab style: It fits with everything.

Please checkt oout her other videos on YouTube and subscribe her channel! :-)
Have a great day, As Salamu Alaykum!


  1. As salamaleikum that not the way the prophet wifes wore the veil.

    1. You're right.that hijab style is called Camel Hump Hijab which is prohibited in Islam!